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Monday, 23 May 2016

How To Gradually Say Goodbye To Body Odour

The worst smell anyone can have is body odour and mouth odour.  Mouth odour might not be known to all till you open your mouth to speak but body odour!,  Ah! it's more like every where you go. 
Let me just be real here,  you know the way wey fly dey take gather around shit,  that's how body odour seems to be.  I learnt everyone has a particular smell either good or bad (don't know how true it is) but I know I smell fresh all day all time. LOL. How about you?
Body odour could make one miss so many good things,  could make people resist that smelly person for no reason, could even be a turnoff for that girl you wanna woo (toast for better understanding.  Lol).  Which girl no like better thing before? .  It only takes a good friend to stay with you in times like this and it takes a genuine friend to be sincere enough to tell you that you don't have a nice smell..  Lol.
This is what happens to most people with  body odour,  they tend to be the most friendly people but realize they're shunned or snubbed.  If you notice you're snubbed a lot of times from different people all the time or you don't have friends that have stayed with you for so long,  check ya self .  Hehe. 
During my NYSC days,  there's this colleague / corper who whenever she sits besides me and controls her handfan to my direction,  I literally hold my breath. 
Why? Cos the most terrible  way to die is by suffocating in one's smell. 
Did I tell her?  No,  because I didn't know how she'll feel.
Truth is most of us (the smelles) find it difficult to tell them (the smellers) cos of fear of how they'll react?,  how they'll feel?,  can they accept your advice and all?.  Yeah!  I've been there,  smelt that.  Lool.
So here are ways to either reduce or gradually  end that history to body odour.  Remember,  Persistence is key:
1. Shave and Scrub :
That armpit and your public area is one vital part of your body that should be given detailed attention.  Once the hair starts springing out ,  get some shaving stick or hair removal (any one that works for you ) and ensure you Scrub all the time. 

2. Personal Hygiene is Key:
Asides the armpit scrubbing and all.  Your body needs that care and attention.  Some people can smell fresh all day without having their bath twice while some needs to shower thrice daily to maintain that freshness.  I know things are hard and the hustle is real but you could still have a feel of freshness after having a tedious day at work. 
3. Avoid Sweating:
Some people sweat too much that you could literally see a well drawn map of Nigeria on their shirt around their armpit area.   I don't know why.  Worst thing is when they sweat,  they don't care about the next person sitting beside them(I try to avoid sitting beside people like these in the commercial bus) ,  they don't even care to get an handkerchief to wipe off their body.  That's how the sweat dries on their skin leaving a terrific odour.  Please know how your body reacts  and avoid doing things that'll make you sweat. If it means owning 2 or more hand towel,  please do.  I realize whenever I'm in a rush,  I sweat. For the love of my makeup,  I remain calm and try to avoid the rush.
3. Avoid Cheap Perfumes/ Spray:
I'm not saying you shouldn't own smart collections and all.  I use smart collections too and it's less than 500 or even 400 at least.  We know there are cheap perfumes that you dare not use cos they'll leave a terrible smell on you.  All those kinda mallam perfumes that could make you puke even before you step out, please stop eeet. 
You could smell good with collections like smart,  rexona,  color me,  urban e.t.c. I could make an endless list of them.
4. Invest In Anti Perspirant :
These products will help keep the underarms dry and  non-sweaty for a while.  For those of yall that sweat a lot.  Get some very good anti Perspirant like sure,  dove,  nivea,  even some body sprays could serve as anti Perspirant.  All these are easy if only you could give this a try. 
5. Never ignore the Magic in those perfumes : All what I mentioned are not complete till you own a perfume.  Please,  get soft smelling ones and not the one that'll knock you out once you spray it once.  Remember you're dealing with body odour,  a strong smelling perfume could either mix up with the body odour or milden it.  The choice is yours tho. You don't have to break the bank to smell good.  You could get perfumes worth 1k or 1500 that will last all day ranging from smart collections (I prefer Joop) ,  Color me (any choice cos they're in varieties) ,  new musk (male or female) e.t.c. If you want to step up your game,  you could get Elizabeth Aiden,  Adidas,  Brown Orchid e.t.c.
6. Stop bleaching :
Most people don't know that bleaching makes one have a bad odour but it truly does.  Please stop it.  Love your skin color.  Someone out there wish he / she has your skin color. 
Here are the easy ways to avoid or gradually reduce body odour. 
How have you dealt with someone around you that has/ had body odour?
Did you spill it out or just kept mute?
Share your experience with me. 

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Ladies, Here Are Major Things That Turn Men Off

Fashion shouldn't be what needs to be explained to a 21st century lady,  even toddlers and teens know better.  Everybody Don tear eye.  
As ladies, some of us dress to impress, some dress in line with what's trending,  others just dress their mood, while some dress to please themselves.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

All It Takes To Be A Naturalista

Natural hair journey ain't an easy one but it's worth it.  The strive to have a healthy hair free from chemicals and products that are not good is worth the journey.  So everyone is turning to a naturalista.  Most of us are joining the trend!

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Sexual Abuse: who is to blame?

Sexual abuse needs to be addressed everywhere cos it's done more harm to the female child.  In the news,  it's either a 70 year old man rape a 15 year old girl  or a corper impregnate a 13 year old female child. 

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Feature Post: The Fear Of Being Single

I've be wanting to pen down my thoughts on the Fear of being single for a while now, I just couldn't find the right time, right mood and right frame of mind. Until today...Until This very Minute... Wondering what triggered the thoughts... And then I realized am actually living my fears right now..

Entrepreneurs Corner : What You Need To start A Business.

Just this morning I thought of starting something new on my blog.  I had to think of giving it a general title as "entrepreneur's corner". 
Today, we're talking about how to start a business.  With the situation of the economy and the high rate of unemployment in the country,  I won't advise you to sit back,  relax,  send CVs,  attend interviews and chill for your " congratulatory letter " from the firm. 

Sunday, 24 April 2016


Not everything goes according to plan. We cannot always control what happens, but we can learn to accept victories and defeats and use them to move forward.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Social Media Craze(Series 4)

So,  this platform  is a photo/video sharing  app  .....
Instagram seems to be one of the top social media platform where you find people there for different purpose.  Some are there to upgrade their business audience and of course get clients by showcasing their products or business ,  while some are just there to set P(do I need to explain what setting P means?.) , some are also there to show off. .... Oops!  I need not explain all.  So from my own point of view, below are the different categories of people on Instagram. 

Questions That Turns Me off on a First Date

We tend to meet people everyday either coincidentally or anyhow you can tag it ....  There's this syndrome of first date (meeting the person ) .
Meeting people through this first date / chat determines your interest on how you really want the relationship to be.  Personally,  if I don't get to like you on a first date/

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The Beauty of Being an Enterpreneur: Pains & Gains

Being an entrepreneur is not a day's business neither is it rice and beans.  It's something you envision,  imagine and work hard to ensure it turns real. 
I'll try to make this post so real in the best way I can,  especially through the  experience I've encountered so far. 

Friday, 18 March 2016

Common Lies People Tell

I don't think I need to start giving a detailed explanation on what a lie is.  The only part I don't get is where people try to create a different perspective to lie.....
I go all "side eyed" when someone is tryna create the impression of there's white and black lie.  Ehn!  If I hear,  Lie na lie and nothing can change the fact.  In fact all route leads to he'll if you tell a blue,  white,  pink lie.
But let's face reality,  some people get to this particular point or do I call it crossroad where they actually feel the best thing they can do is lie just to avoid the other party from getting angry,  or to please that person.  Truth is,  it doesn't work all the time.  
The part that I really can't accept  is give an obvious lie in public.  Give an obvious lie by telling me you're in front of Unilag gate while I'm waiting for you at the gate meanwhile you're either in that Yaba bus stuck in traffic.   Some people na boss for this aspect.  OK!.... So what are the common kinda lies I've heard so far.... 
1. I'm at Yaba when you know that you're actually in that Lekki transit bus to obalende.  Ah!  Some people are wicked o.  Some will even tell you,  "there's traffic in Yaba,  it's so bad that I might have to board bike" .  Just this question please,  will the person kill you if you are actually sincere that you're on your way to obscene? . 

2. The network is bad..... I'm guilty of this though.... Some people do this for so many reasons,  either to avoid a conversation or claim they dialled your line and the network provider said your number wasn't reachable..... Although our naija network providers could be funny but some lies are just so obviously told.  Take it  or  leave it. I actually do it for 2 reasons,  either I'm not in the mood to talk and a random talkative friend calls or when you start asking me questions that I either don't have an answer for that question or I'm not willing to answer .  I end the call with full hopes that the conversation will at least be cut short and it works.  Lool

3. I changed my line,  thus I lost my contact, yours inclusive : people do that a lot..... I easily know if someone doesn't have my contact or not..... The first response I hear depicts that a lot..... Personally,  I'm  very lazy in odd ways.... Lazy when it comes to saving numbers..... Maybe cos I procastinate  when it comes to that. 

4. Hello!  Hello!  Can you hear me? :this 4th point is actually coming from me or perhaps the general  ladylike mentality..... I totally dislike chokers...... I prefer the choker beads to  human beings who derive pleasure in choking me up.  Actually,  I can hear you but I just don't know how to politely tell you that I'm not interested in your talk. So?

5. The traffic Is terrible : we all know that pinky is to brain as lagos is to traffic.... The gods of traffic in lagos just have a way of doing things on the road,  funny part is when some people get surprised that "ehn!  At this time,  there's no traffic at this location.  Kilo shele (what happened) "..... But then a lot of people just find pleasure in hiding under the claws of traffic.....

I'm not tryna sound perfect though but it's better you say " I'm on my way or closeby " instead of using traffic as a cover up.  It doesn't work out fine all the time.  

So what are the common lies you know or you've been told that were not mentioned in the  aforementioned points  above..... I'll love to hear yours.  Kindly share them with me in the comment box.  

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Questions I Don't Want To Be asked In 2016

It's some hours to the new year and I'm just too excited cos I'm thankful for the past 365 days so far. 
I'm sure you have a lot to be thankful to God for.  The fact that you're alive,  hale and hearty is one major reason why you should be.
So you see,  there are some kinda questions some people ask and in your head, you'll  be like "how do I answer this person? " it's better you don't even ask me at all..... In fact,  I just don't want be asked those kinda embarrassing questions in 2016...... Questions like :
1. How is school? : ahmean!  I wrote my final exams in UNILAG since December 2014,started my NYSC in April 2015, do you wish me well at all?....  Most times I don't answer these people who ask me such question but in 2016, if you should ask me "how is school ".  Ah! ,  E nor go funny o.

2. No share From the allowee? : for Christ sake I earn 19thousand, 8 hundred naira.  I choose not to write it in digits so most of y'all don't mistake it for one hundred and ninty eight thousand naira.  Ahmean!  It's not fair.  Bank deducts 200 naira from 19k8 monthly,  how much do I have to survive on? 

3.  When will you get married?.: some  primitive naija minded people assume that when you're through with school and  NYSC..... The next thing for you to plan or think of is to get married. 
Worst of all is when you attend a friend's wedding where most of the older guests  knows you. Ah!  It af be for you. 
Ahahn!  Wattapun!  Please Let God's will be done o.  Biko..... LET God's will be done.  Thank you. 

4. So what next after NYSC? : thank you,  I appreciate your concern..... In fact,  that's a very thoughtful question but please don't ask me if  you don't have a job for me,  dont ask me if you want to hold on to my plans after nysc and watch if I'll make a flaw,  don't ask me if you're not my relative/ mentor/close pal.  Please,  just don't ask me.  Instead ask God.

Any other question?  Have people choked you up with  too many embarrassing questions this year?. Please share them with me in the comment box. 

See you next year darling.

Friday, 25 December 2015

Lessons 2015 Has Taught Me

It's 5 days countdown to the new year already .  I feel I'm growing older already cos instead if feeling too excited about the new year,  I give myself this  quick flashback on how the outgoing year has been for me. 

Thursday, 24 December 2015

It's Christmas Baby

Merry Christmas to you all.  I'm glad we are alive to witness another year of celebrating Christ.
Remember that he is the reason for the season,  that's enough reason for the celebration to be Christlike.
Do have a funfilled day.
A big thanks to my dearest readers, you all are the merry in my Christmas(I can't wait to post lessons 2015 has taught me and I believe 2016 is gon be a lit year for us
) .
I still remain your girl,  Debra.